Oh my bash themes preview

This is a set of color themes for iTerm aka iTerm2. Screenshots below and in the screenshots directory. Belafonte Day. Belafonte Night. Blue Matrix.

Fish and iTerm2

Bright Lights. Builtin Dark. Builtin Light. Builtin Pastel Dark.

Customizing Your Prezto Prompt

Builtin Solarized Dark. Builtin Solarized Light. Builtin Tango Dark. Builtin Tango Light.

oh my bash themes preview

Cobalt Neon. Dark Pastel. Duotone Dark. Espresso Libre. Gruvbox Dark. Hipster Green. Jackie Brown. JetBrains Darcula. Lab Fox. Later This Evening. Man Page. Monokai Remastered. Monokai Soda.

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Monokai Vivid. Night Owlish Light. NightLion v1. NightLion v2. Nocturnal Winter. Operator Mono Dark. Parasio Dark. Piatto Light. Pro Light. Purple Rain.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

A Oh My Fish theme inspired by Batman. I don't own Batman. A theme based on the default robbyrussell theme. This theme adds time, the number of non-pushed commits, and whether the previous command has failed. Display username, hostname, current path, ruby version and git status.

Display the latest error status in the right prompt.

How to setup ZSH with OhMyZsh & PowerLevel10K to make your Terminal awesome

You will need a Powerline-patched font for this to work, unless you enable the compatibility fallback option:. I recommend picking one of these. For more advanced awesome, install a nerd fonts patched fontand enable nerd fonts support:. Some of these may not look right if your terminal does not support 24 bit color, in which case you can try one of the terminal schemes below.

However, if you're using Solarized, Base16 defaultor Zenburn in your terminal and the terminal does support 24 bit color, the built in schemes will look nicer. There are several scheme that use whichever colors you currently have loaded into your terminal. The advantage of using the schemes that fall through to the terminal colors is that they automatically adapt to something acceptable whenever you change the 16 colors in your terminal profile.

For some terminal themes, like dark base16 themes, the path segments in the prompt will be indistinguishable from the background. In those cases, try one of the following variations; they are identical to the terminal schemes except for using bright black brgrey and dull white grey in the place of black and bright white. In that case, you also need to define some variables to set the colors of the prompt. A theme for nerds, makes fish even more powerful.

It's equipped with a hell of a lot of nice functions and key bindings to speed up your workflow. You need an up-to-date fish shell version from github or a nightly build. The theme uses advanced sed and expr features. The OS X tools have restricted functionality. Try expr from coreutils package if you see expr: syntax error in budspencer prompt. Execute brew install --with-default-names gnu-sed if there are Array index out of bounds messages in your prompt.

Thus, it needs a powerline font. It's also crucial to have vi mode enabled. Thus, execute.

oh my bash themes preview

Two color schemes for bright and dark environments are predefined. You can enable them with day and nightrespectively. Note, the format is username hostname:pathname. Thus, you can cut the whole string with your mouse and paste it into ssh commands. The function d drops down a menu showing the history as enumerated list. Unlike fish's builtin dirhd does not show any duplicates.

Enter a number to jump to a directory within the list. The function c drops down a menu showing the command history as enumerated list similarly to the d function. Selections are also pasted into the X clipboard.In this article I will tell how to make work with command prompt on Windows 10 better with Windows Subsystem for LinuxHyper terminal, oh-my-zsh framework for zsh and zsh-syntax-highlighting plugin. For this article you need to have Windows 10 x64 Version Build or higher and installed Node.

First, you need to install Windows Subsystem for Linux. Next open command prompt and go to OptionalFeatures. After rebooting you need to open command prompt and use bash command. Then begin automatic downloading and installation of Linux Subsystem. In the next time when you need to use bash shell open command prompt and use bash command. Open command prompt and go to OptionalFeatures. I recommend to install Ubuntu to this article.

Then after installing Ubuntu and rebooting PC you can run it with bash or ubuntu commands in command prompt. Go to official hyper terminal website and download latest version of terminal for Windows.

Now each time when you need to use bash shell and zsh you need go to command prompt, use bash or ubuntu command and then use zsh command.

Warning: Do not change Linux files using Windows apps and tools. Now each time when you will use bash in command prompt then zsh will start automatically instead of bash shell.

oh my zsh 哪些主题比较好看、有特点?

So open ubuntu command in command prompt and use following command:. Each time when you will run ubuntu command then zsh will runs automatically as the default shell environment. Note that this still will not work if you will run the bash command. Why not just use path to ubuntu.

You can just use ubuntu. Solution: we can use cmd.So, out of boredom, I decided to upgrade my shell and terminal to something closer toinstead of living in the early 90s. Sure, all of this can be done on bash or zsh but I hate configuration, and combing hundreds of git repos for bashfiles and find what works for me. While at fishI also decided to upgrade the default Mac terminal to iTerm2. This led me to a journey through installing fonts all the way to picking up the theme that works for me.

But again, no configuration to mess with. If you do not have brew, head over to fishshell. They have MacPorts, Installer, and an executable. If not, then you can always type fish in bash.

Once omf is installed, checking out themes etc. To do so, type omf on the prompt to see the options. Typing omf theme will show a big list, and in order to see what these themes look like, head over here to preview them.

You can always switch back to default by typing omf theme default. Downloaded and installed iTerm2which is super simple to do. Take a look at the Font Book, and pick the powerline font of your choice. I like Ubuntu Mono. You can type powerline in the little search textbox in Font Book to shorten the list. Once picked, set the font here. This image shows how the prompt changes as we make simple changes to a local git repo.

I am using bobthefish theme. See the theme details on how the prompt indicates various states like locally committed but un-pushed changes, etc. As you can see, it is super helpful, with no configuration to get this going. This to me is one of the most useful and powerful features of fish. The depth of autocomplete going beyond just file names, auto-suggestion, history navigation, and syntax coloring makes working on the terminal so much productive and painless! Installing fish Since I have brew, I was able to simply do this bashSo I thought I'd blog about it - hopefully it'll help you.

OK, by default, when you have a new mac, your Terminal. The first obvious step is to enhance the Theme. Powerline is a Python app and is a status line plugin for vim, and provides status lines and prompts for several other applications, including zsh, bash, tmux, IPython, Awesome and Qtile.

Because Powerline is a Python app, we need to have Python and that too a proper version of Python. We now need to add the Powerline daemon to bash so that it can monitor the Terminal prompt and make changes. You can figure out the location of Powerline by running the following: pip show powerline-status Copy the value from the Location field. Your new Terminal should look like below.

oh my bash themes preview

This is because Powerline uses various icons and fonts that are not available by default. So we need to install the fonts. It will look like below.

1938 plymouth front suspension

Simply double-click on the. This will add a regular and an Italic version of the Meslo font. All we need to do is to set our Meslo dotted font for this theme and we are done! In order to display various Git status at the prompt, we need to install powerline-gitstatus. It is a simple add-on to Powerline and adds multiple colors and Themes to display various git status information. As mentioned in the powerline-gitstatus readme.

Save the file and run the following: powerline-daemon —-replace in the Terminal. At this point, we are all done! If you open the Terminal, and navigate to any git repo, and play around, it should look like the following.

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Here is how it looks in Cobalt2 Theme :. If this article was helpful, tweet it. Learn to code for free. Get started.

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Stay safe, friends. Learn to code from home. Use our free 2, hour curriculum. Notes: 1. Follow the steps carefully as any mistake will cause a lot of headaches.While bash and zsh are both powerful shells and share many prominent features, they also possess distinctions that users may have different preferences for.

This post will give an overview on the features of and comparison of bash vs zsh, how you can set both as your default shell, as well as some configuration suggestions. Inthe very first version of the Unix operating system came with the Thompson shell as its default shell. With the release of Version 7 Unix inthe new OS came distributed with the Bourne shell as its default shell.

Bash introduced significant improvements over its predecessor.

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Most prominent of these improvements was its capacity as a scripting language. Users of bash could write their own programs for automating tasks. For the most part, bash vs zsh share many convenient features that qualify both as highly efficient shells. One highly useful feature that both share is the z command, which allows developers to essentially keep track of their directories. Using this tool, you can simply type z newProject. Another practical aspect of both shells is their tab auto-complete functions.

Within each shell, you can just type the command, followed by -then hit tab. This action will then immediately display all of the available options for that command. Both shells offer flexibility and customization to their command-line auto-completion.

Additionally, a helpful utility for web developers in both shells, for the most part, is the auto-correction. In the Z shell, if you make an innocent typo while writing a file location, for example, spell correction is built-in and will automatically detect the typo. While this is not custom to bash, you can easily make the necessary adjustments to allow auto-correction by using shopt commands cdspell and dirspell.

Even in terms of visual appeal and organization, both shells accomplish the task fairly well. Additionally, the font-weight will be slightly bolder. The exact colors used will depend on your terminal color settings. While these are only some of the various tools offered by both shells, they provide a glimpse of how bash and zsh admittedly resemble each other. However, they both possess some distinctions that can create a preference for one over the other among developers.

The commands and overall interaction for bash vs zsh are essentially identical. Knowledge and familiarity with one shell can easily be translated into the other without tackling a steep learning curve. However, both shells do have their share of unique features that may prompt developers to declare a clear preference. For one, zsh has the leverage of a powerful online community called Oh My Zsh. Oh My ZSH is one of the oldest and most popular options for managing zsh configurations.

Offering over plugins and different themes supplied by the community, Oh My ZSH is a great place to start in customizing the z shell that even comes with an auto-update function that keeps your shell updated. This allows users to work in a shell with a more personalized interface, amp up their workspace with a diverse array of toolsand have access to a convenient out-of-the-box support system. For instance, a highly favorable option for the interface is a right-handed side prompt or a side prompt that auto-hides when typing in long file paths or commands.

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On the other hand, Bash has an impressive set of programming functions such as looping and conditional constructs, tilde and brace expansions, and the use of aliases.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

Oh My Bash is an open source, community-driven framework for managing your bash configuration. Once installed, your terminal shell will become the talk of the town or your money back! With each keystroke in your command prompt, you'll take advantage of the hundreds of powerful plugins and beautiful themes.

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Finally, you'll begin to get the sort of attention that you have always felt you deserved. Oh My Bash is installed by running one of the following commands in your terminal. You can install this via the command-line with either curl or wget.

Oh My Bash comes with a shit load of plugins to take advantage of. Once you spot a plugin or several that you'd like to use with Oh My Bash, you'll need to enable them in the. Open it with your favorite text editor and you'll see a spot to list all the plugins you want to load. Most plugins should! We'll admit it. Early in the Oh My Bash world, we may have gotten a bit too theme happy. We have over one hundred themes now bundled. Most of them have screenshots on the wiki.

Check them out! Powerline's theme is the default one. It's not the fanciest one. It's not the simplest one. It's just the right one for me. You'll see an environment variable all caps in there that looks like:.

To use a different theme, simply change the value to match the name of your desired theme. For example:.

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