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Learn more about Coast Insider. David Paulides joined George Knapp in the first three hours to discuss his new book in his blockbuster series about people that have disappeared in the national forests and elsewhere. In contrast to many of the those who've gone missing in national parks such as children, and people hiking alone, deer hunters and bear hunters-- "those people are attuned to being in the woods.

They know exactly where they're going to go out and hunt, they know the terrain They carry weapons with them," he noted, so it's all the more startling when they vanish in inexplicable ways.

There are 59 geographical clusters of missing people in North America, with the largest being in Yosemite Park, he reported. The largest number of disappearances of hunters have taken place in the states of Idaho, Montana, Washington, Maine, Oregon, and Colorado, he cited.

In one of the strangest case histories, three hunters disappeared in separate locations in far northern Michigan within seven days of each other in Paulides detailed the case of an accountant from Reno, who went hunting in McCarthy, Alaska and then was never found despite numerous air and ground searches.

The Nevada State Journal had a headline saying "Tony walked into what has proven to be a mystery void. Paulides also has documented cases of bow hunters' mysterious disappearances, in which they are either not found or found under very bizarre conditions. An experienced hunter, Aaron Hedges, was hunting with friends in the 'Crazy Mountains' in Montana inand get separated from the group, but was in contact with them via radio, before he went missing.

A week after his disappearance, they found his boots and camelback in the snow, but ground searchers and dogs yielded no further evidence in the area. Nine months later, his backpack and vest were found, 15 miles away from the other location, yet it would seem impossible that he could have traveled that distance in the snow without shoes, Paulides noted. He also shared advice for people planning to hike or hunt in the woods or national parks.

Does Map of Missing Persons in US Match Up with Cave Systems?

Among the tips: tell someone you trust your planned itinerary, and that if they don't hear from you by a certain date that they should call authorities; carry a GPS trail device and hard copy of a map; pack a cheap, plastic whistle; bring a satellite phone and an emergency locator beacon.

During the last hour, Paulides' son, Benjamin, spoke about their new documentary " Missing ," which he co-directed.

The just completed project, which was successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign, is being considered by several film festivals.

George Knapp shares a number of items that have caught his attention, including his I-Team report about a Las Vegas physician working with NASA on the bottom of the ocean:. In the first hour Alex Berenson disputed the current coronavirus narrative. Followed by Michael Tellinger on his stone circle research. Log In Forgot Password? Website s : canammissing. She's Not There Zombies. The Weight The Band.

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Meet Me in the Woods Lord Huron. Mystic Highway John Fogerty. Living Proof Wishbone Ash. Victim of Love Eagles. In This Place Robin Trower.

18 Unsolved Missing Persons Cases That'll Shake You To Your Core

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Back on the Map Kacey Musgraves. I Fall to Pieces Patsy Cline. I'll Be Back The Beatles. Inca Dance Cusco. More Shows Jul People go missing every single day, and unfortunately, some of their disappearances will always remain an unsolved mystery.

But in the case of Missingthe explanation to these disappearances could be something else entirely. A retired police officer named David Paulides noticed similarities in unsolved disappearances occurring near National Parks. Just a few of these common traits are that none of the victims left behind a scent trail for search dogs to find. Search parties will spend months looking for them, and the bodies are never recovered.

Sometimes, their clothes are found in an area that had already been searched hundreds of times before. Pauldies went on a personal mission to solve these mysteries, or to at least gather as much information as humanly possible. He compiled his findings in his book series, called Missing Out of respect for the families, Paulides never shares his own personal theories about what happened to these people.

MSP collecting DNA from family of missing people

Fans of his work try to use these cases as proof of Bigfootaliens, or interdimensional wormholes. Some think it could be a clan of cannibals living in the wilderness, or maybe they were dragged off by mountain lions or bears. The strangest cases, though, are when these people are found alive to tell their story… and yet there is still no logical explanation for why they disappeared.

In Februarya year-old man named Steven Kubacki was cross-country skiing through the snow near Lake Michigan. Once he reached the edge of the lake, he took his skis off to sit down and rest.

When he got up to leave his own tracks were gone, and he became lost. The last thing he remembers was walking through the snow, feeling numb and exhausted. He blacked out. In the blink of an eye, it was spring. He hiked to the nearest town, and asked a local resident where he was.

They told him he was in Pittsfield, Massachusetts — miles away from where he had been skiing. His family was in shock, hugging him and asking where he had been.

Kubacki had been missing for 14 months. When Kubacki had first gone missing, the search team found his poles and skis at the edge of the lake. There was only one set of his footprints leading toward the water, but none walking away. They could only assume he drowned himself in the freezing lake. He had been missing for so long, everyone assumed he must be dead. The official explanation is that he had amnesia, and that he was wandering in a fugue state.

But even doctors are baffled by this case. And it still leaves so many unanswered questions. His story was included in a psychology case study in a book about amnesia, but even experts have been unable to figure out what actually happened.

Kubacki had already earned a degree in linguistics before he went missing, but he was so fascinated by his own case that he went on to earn his PhD in Psychology.In the United States National Park System alone there are more than 84 million acressquare kilometers of preserved woods, deserts, mountains and other wilderness, so it's no surprise that in the past years there have been a number of cases of hikers going missing [source: National Park Service ].

Many of those who vanished were young children and inexperienced hikers, but some were healthy and seasoned outdoorspeople. But is there more to these disappearances than just kids wandering off, or hikers becoming disoriented? What could cause someone to seemingly vanish into thin air? There are two approaches people take to explaining these mysterious disappearances: earthly and supernatural.

Most hiking experts would say that these missing hikers made common mistakes like taking on more than they could handle or failing to time their turnback to beat the sunset [source: Stevenson ]. The disappearances have become a focus for urban legendonline message boards and non-fiction books; "Missing " author David Paulides thinks something more intriguing is afoot.

His book examines more than 1, cases of people mysteriously vanishing from United States parks [source: Hiltner ]. Let's be honest — although it might be fun to imagine monsters or something spookier, no proof for any supernatural disappearance has ever been provided.

But there have definitely been some unexplained disappearances both in the United States and abroad - in formal, federal government-run National Parks as well as in related spaces like National Forests, recreation areas, state parks and more. These are 10 of the most fascinating; let's start in the early 20th century and move up to the present.

Start the Countdown. The parks of the world provide immense natural beautyRisch was 31 when she vanished from her Boston homeleaving nothing but blood on her kitchen floor. Her daughter ran to a neighbor that day, saying, "Mommy is gone and the kitchen is covered with red paint. The Australian man was flying a small plane when he told air traffic control about a strange object flying near him, got cut off mid-sentence, and vanished.

Neither he nor his plane were ever found, and some believe he was taken away by a UFO. This Boeing disappeared inbut no one can confirm exactly what happened to this plane and the people on board.

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Only some debris has been foundeven after searchers scoured 46, feet of ocean floor. She was the first child to be on the official "Have You Seen Me? Her parents refuse to put an actual gravestone down for her until they learn what happened — currently, they're using an angel statue at the family's cemetery plot as a memorial. Drivers claim they saw the 9-year-old walking along North Carolina's Highway 18 around 4 a. Police and the FBI announced this year that they're going to "beef up" the investigation on the case.

Amy Lynn Bradley went missing from a cruise ship while on vacationafter stepping out of her cabin for an early morning cigarette. A witness claimed to have seen her in a restroom in Barbados inbut no one else has come forward. While on spring break in Ohio, the college student went to a bar with friends and completely disappeared. The bar had CCTV at all the entrances, so he was filmed entering — but never exiting.

The perfume company heiress was literally just walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City when she went missing. The most fucked-up part? Her mother feared that the incident would make for an embarrassing tale in the media, so she didn't report her daughter's disappearance for weeks. The Iowa reporter was on her way to work around a.

Her car key was found bent in the door lock, and evidence showed she fought hard against her abductor. Though she was declared dead inpolice still think there's a possibility of solving the case. The Ohio girl was 10 when she failed to return home from seeing a show at a local park. Every suspect in a possible kidnapping has been cleared, but in there was a small break in the case that was not disclosed to the public.This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors.

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It looks like you're using an Ad Blocker. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. Thank you. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. To summarize, david complied missing people cases that have certain unexplainable factor in it and ruled out any case that can have explanation.

missing 411 michigan

Of course his grandma was shocked when the boy said he met her in the forest. Another case was a kid that missing and later foundsaid that some bear took him and then fed him with berries and cuddle with him to warm him until he was found. It is said that these 'elves' loves to kidnap humans and even transport them many miles away or kidnap them by using 'glamour' and made the human think he is somewhere he's not. Some of the case below can be used as comparison to MISSING book as for people who encounter strange things but survived and lived to tell their experience.

The adults were mainly inside while the children were playing outdoors. While the others did whatever they were doing, Jill, a little girl of 5, became fascinated with the flutterbyes and no one noticed her chasing after them into the woods.

Ultimately, the adults checked back in to find that she was lost. Many people searched many hours in vain and dusk was coming, bringing a great deal of despair with it. Then, suddenly, a be-smudged Jill came running happily out of the woods unharmed. What had happened? Once Jill had followed the flutterbyes for awhile, she lost them and realized that she was lost herself.

She tried to find her way back to her aunt's house, but only got deeper into the forest. She thought she heard someone calling for her, but it was too far away, and she couldn't get a direction on it. Finally she came into a small clearing. Feeling very tired, she took a candy bar from her pocket, sat on an old dead tree and ate a little.

She felt lonely and started to cry. She looked up and saw standing at the edge of her clearing two small living "dolls" with silvery hair to their shoulders. They were dressed in shiny green clothes and had caps. She offered them some of her candy bar, but they didn't respond. Beginning to cry then she asked them if they knew the way to her aunt's house. They nodded and motioned for her to follow. As dusk came on and the forest darkened, the little "dolls" became accompanied by small balls of blinking colored light, which illuminated the way.

They all seemed to be going faster and faster as they went, and Jill was surprised at how fast she was moving [she said : like a sped up movie]. The "dolls" then abruptly stopped and pointed to the aunt's house. Jill happily turned to thank them, but they were gone. And she ran to embrace her parents.

About one hundred yards into the forest that summer's day, things began to get strange. For a few seconds, while passing a large rock formation, he felt a tingling go through his whole body.

Soon after he began noticing that the environment had changed. The previously overcast sky was now sunny clear. It seemed to be tinged with green rather than just blue.A comparison of two maps shows how most people in the United States seem to go missing near cave systems.

A few similarities exist between a map of mysterious cases of missing persons and a map of cave systems in the United States. However, this is not a map of all people who have gone missing in the U. It focuses on so-called "strange" disappearances that occurred near national parks. Data from the bottom map was overlaid on the top to make the "coincidence" seem stronger.

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And lastly, correlation does not imply causation. This may seem like an eerie coincidence at first glance. But when we took a closer look at where the maps originated and what they purportedly showed, the comparison seemed overstated.

For starters, the top map is not an exhaustive list of every missing person in the United States. And because national parks are home to nearly 5, cavesthese two maps not surprisingly have some similarities. This may just explain why the two maps look so similar. As noted above, the people map is not an exhaustive list of all missing persons in the U. Many of these cases are resolved with the persons being found alive and well, but tens of thousands of individuals will remain missing for more than a year.

The vast majority of these missing-persons cases are not counted on this map.

missing 411 michigan

This could be a case involving dogs that failed to pick up a scent, people who were found with missing clothing items, or cases involving people who traveled unusual distances after they were last seen. Paulides has classified over 1, missing persons cases under the Missing label. At its core, Missing is the vague claim that something unusual is occurring related to deaths and disappearances in national parks.

The concept has been steeped in the milieu of conspiracy and the supernatural, as Paulides frequently appears on paranormal-oriented radio shows and podcasts to discuss it. A forthcoming documentary appears to be in the works as well. I have been unable to ascertain the meaning of The text is decorated sparsely with this and other head-scratching non sequiturs.

For example, in the last case of my brief audit, a woman named Amy disappears while exercising. Her body was never recovered but her wristwatch was found in a river bed years later.The book also includes a multitude of new stories from North America.

Even when massive searches are mounted, and people are found, the events surrounding their loss and recovery are often far beyond logical explanation. This is the most comprehensive and expertly presented series of books on the subject ever written, and the latest volume, which includes stories from five countries, is sobering, chilling and far too well researched to ignore.

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Essential reading. Former police officer turned investigative journalist, and author of Missingand Missing Eastern USDavid Paulides, discovered weird and odd disappearances in U. These isolated missing person cases from National State Parks NSP were beginning to form clusters around certain mountainous regions.

Sometimes these clusters are purely geographical while others identify a linkage based on age and sex of the victims. Sometimes the only clues left by the missing were their clothes, neatly piled. In many of the cases, victims appear to travel a vast distance or into a location which should be physically impossible to reach. The child would eventually be found 12 miles away after being gone for only 19 hours. The journey required that the toddler venture over two mountain ranges, as well as fences, creeks, and rivers.

This case is just one of many where children disappear and are later found "several hundred percent" outside of the grid system carefully designed by search and rescue teams.

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Moreover, there are some rare cases where, after tracking dogs have led rescuers to a large river, search teams will explore the other side and "miles away, they find the kid. The "Missing " books are the most intriguing and factually based writings I've read in years. The author details the circumstances behind the disappearances and then supplies the articles that support the facts.

There are many cases from Canada as well as the U. The most amazing fact is that the U. Great book. Go straight to their site for purchase, www.

To Bob Aussem, apparently there are two state parks there almost adjacent to each other, one called Matthiesen and one called Starved Rock. At least that is what I pieced from not having read the book but overlaying google maps with Paulides' cluster map. Surprising small parks to have had so many missing people!

Someone made a point about this, many of the place names are very negative sounding, "devil's ", etc. Because those area were known to the local indians to be extremely dangerous in ancient times. Yosemite National park for example, has the largest cluster probably the largest of visitors too but its name translates, in Miwok, to "those who kill". I'm looking into the cases in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to see what the locations of those disappearances are but can't read the online maps.

It looks like one says "Palmer"?

missing 411 michigan

Any clarification would be appreciated! Thank you, David Paulides, for bringing this crucial information to the public's attention. This is probably not going to be read, but I used to work at Starved Rock and my husband worked for the parks department for all of the parks in the area.

Lots of very strange things happen late at night, but I have never heard of a disappearance within the park. That doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. The reason that Starved Rock has its name is because one local tribe trapped another on top of a tall bluff.

The trapped tribe was starved to death. It's a beautiful area and worth a visit, but for God's sake don't stray from marked trails. You will almost certainly fall off a cliff. Whitefish Bay is known as the Graveyard of the great lakes. Starved Rock.

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