Bouillon maggi danger

The main reason behind this article remains for the awareness regarding maggi. I am also a foodie and love eating maggi whenever i am tired but decided to share this with all Maggi lovers. Many of us can't live without " Maggi " especially when one is away from home, in a foreign land.

Here is a piece of information to share so that we can remove the potential health hazard of consuming Maggi. Maybe you should print this e-mail to keep as a reminder, pin it up in the kitchen or dining room as reminder or in your purse if you are always traveling. All the reason are listed below. I hope you aware people about this are reading it.

Health related issues. There is a certain way to cook maggi. You may be thinking whats new in this but the cooking process which is shown behind the packet maybe right but it is surely harmful to your body because maggi noodles are coated with Wax which harms us and takes 3 to 4 days to excrete the wax which is harmful. The ingredient called MSG can make you fat and fat people know how much difficult it is to loose their weight.

Maggi should not be given to young children as they are also harmful to them. Normally, how we cook the instant noodles is to put the noodles into a pot with water, throw in the powder and let it cook for around 3 minutes and then it's ready to eat.

bouillon maggi danger

By doing this, when we actually boil the ingredients in the powder,normally with MSG, it will change the molecular structure of the MSG, causing it to be toxic.

The other thing that you may or may not realize is that, the noodles are coated with wax and it will take around 4 to 5 days for the body to excrete the wax after you have eaten the noodles. The correct way to cook instant noodles without harming our bodies and health is. Maggi is non vegetarian.

Les bouillons cubes sont-ils dangereux pour la santé ?

Maggi contains MSG Monosodium glutamate used as a flavor enhancer, which is made? Chemically, catalyst never goes in the molecular structure of Bactosoytone, hence it's Vegetarian for Nestle. MSG as such is harmful to health. Atta Maggie contains? Not written in ingredients as such, hidden under alias Flavor Maggi also contains flavour enhancers E and E A hindi newspaper article showing, " Biscuits and chocolates contains non veg".

Monosodium glutamate MSG - E is a flavor enhancer commonly added to Chinese foodcanned vegetables, soups and processed meats.

The following table indicates additives which are always derived from animals. Definitely of animal origin. E Number. Additive Name.

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Bone phosphate - Anti-caking agent. L-Glutamic acid. Monosodium glutamate MSG. Monopotassium glutamate. Typical products are low sodium salt substitutes. Disodium inosinate. Sodium 5'ribonucleotide.A medical practitioner, Dr. Festus Olalekan of the Graceland Hospital, Ilorin, has warned against excessive consumption of food seasoning, saying it can damage the brain.

According to him, the amount of sodium in the food seasoning over stimulates the brain cells until the cells die off. He said that food seasoning with high sodium content should be avoided. He explained that sometimes people experienced dizziness and headaches after eating heavily spiced food as a result of MSG present in the seasonings. The above statement may sound very unbelievable to many because most people rely on Maggi cubes for seasoning.

TV and Radio adverts have also made stars out of the users of these products without taking cognizance to health risks of their consumption. It is no longer news that excess salt in a diet is one of the major causes of high blood pressure; this is the reason why patients that are diagnosed of the disease are made to refrain from salt.

Arômes Maggi, Viandox : qu’y a-t-il dedans ?

Can Maggi cube lead to high blood pressure, the answer is I've been eating it since I was born and I've never seen anyone suffering from effects of Maggie seasoning. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.The company originated in Switzerland inwhen Julius Maggi took over his father's mill.

He quickly became a pioneer of industrial food production, aiming to improve the nutritional intake of worker families. Maggi was the first to bring protein-rich legume meals to the market, and followed up with a ready-made soup based on legume meals in After that Julius Maggi introduced bouillon concentrates, first in capsules, then in cubes. The bouillon cube or Maggi cube is a meat substitute product that was introduced in In Haiti and throughout Latin AmericaMaggi products, especially bouillon cubes, are widely sold with some repackaging to reflect local terminology.

Why you should say no to Maggi and other Bouillon cubes.

MaggikrautDu. In Spain and Mexico, it is sold under the name Jugo Maggi. Maggi Instant noodles are branded as "Maggi 2 Minute Noodles " in india. In India, Maggi Masala noodles carry a green dot, meaning they are specifically formulated to serve vegetarians. However, Maggi chicken noodles carry a red dot, indicating that they are not vegetarian.

bouillon maggi danger

Recipe mixes or so called Fixes were introduced in Germany in The product offers to the consumers an idea and a recipe to cook with two or three fresh ingredients and a Maggi mix. A complete step-be-step recipe is given on the back of pack. Following the recipe guarantees the result. These products were originally launched in Germany, where they became very popular, and some Western European countries. In the s, recipe mixes were introduced in Eastern Europe, particularly in Russia and Poland under the Winiary brandwhere they became a big success.

Nowadays, the portfolio of recipe mixes offer consumers more than recipe ideas across different European countries.

In Mayfood safety regulators from Barabankia district of Uttar PradeshIndia reported that samples of Maggi 2 Minute Noodles had unexpectedly high levels of monosodium glutamate MSGas well as up to 17 times the permissible limit of lead. This finding led to multiple market withdrawals and investigations in India and beyond.

Nepal indefinitely banned Maggi over concerns about the lead levels in the product. Maggi always insisted that their noodle product is safe. The advert made false claims that the noodles would "help to build strong muscles, bone, and hair".

The British Advertising Standards Authority stated that the advertisement did not abide by the new EU consumer protection legislation, by which advertisers have to provide proof of health claims.Can use of bouillon cubes lead to high blood pressure?

The simple answer is yes. Many people add several bouillon cubes in there cooking plus additional salt. Not to say that use of these bouillon cubes is the direct cause, but it certainly may be a component! Trans fat consumption has a definite link to increased chances of developing coronary artery disease, which is a hardening and narrowing of arteries that supply blood to the heart.

This occurs do to trans fats' ability to increase LDL bad cholesterol and decrease HDL good cholesterol in our blood stream.

To understand more about cholesterol check out my page on cholesterol. Now that we know some possible negative health effects bouillon cube use presents, perhaps we should think twice before adding these products to our foods. And decide whether the change suits you. If not, then at least limit the use of these cubes.

I myself no longer use bouillon cubes and I continue to get nothing but compliments on every dish I prepare! I feel like I'm so used to the taste of them that I can't possibly cook without them. I'm trying a healthier lifestyle. Thanks :. Spices and Seasonings I love curry, ginger, tyme, and garlic powder are my favorite. And just use plain old salt.

Make your own stock from boiled meat and spices of your choosing. Save it and freeze for later uses. Also if you are African, you may know of some fermented products like iru, dawadawa, or ogiri.

These were used prior to the advent of bullion cubes and they add nutritive value to foods. What about blended crayfish? I've learnt a lot from reading the posts. I substituted salt for magi for about 2 years. I live in constant fear now because of the dangers it can bring to ones health. I'm making better choices now, drinking a lot on water and hope for the better.

That's about all I can do I guess. Thanks everybody. Blended shell fish is better. If you have no very high cholesterol condition LDLthey are really excelent. Drinking lots of water helps flush the body system of toxins.The above statement may sound very unbelievable to many because most people rely on Maggi cubes for seasoning. TV and Radio adverts have also made stars out of the users of these products without taking cognizance to health risks of their consumption.

It is no longer news that excess salt in a diet is one of the major causes of high blood pressure; this is the reason why patients that are diagnosed of the disease are made to refrain from salt. Can Maggi cube lead to high blood pressure, the answer is simply yes. Since it has been established that one of the major ingredients of Maggi cube is salt, and to make the matter worse, many women usually add several cubes to their cooking with additional salt.

It is therefore an established fact that most high blood pressure in the country can be traced to consumption of excess salt derived partly from Maggi cubes. Also, it should be noted that medical research has linked MSG the occurrence of asthma, obesity, cancer among many others.

It is also believed that MSG can cause headache, tingling, numbness, general weakness, and muscle tightness when consumed in excess. This is the reason why so many people feel weak and worn out when they consume a meal with excess cubes of Maggi.

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Finally, Trans fat is a sure way to develop coronary heart disease, which is a hardening and narrowing of arteries that supply blood to the heart. The aftermath of the increase in bad cholesterol is an eventual narrowing and blockage of the arteries that supply blood to the heart thereby leading to stroke or heart attack.

How do you control this potential health risk. It all boils down to proportion. Its a Little tricky, but its likely the best solution. Or, you can alternatively use natural local seasoning. Note:Maggi cubes themselves are not a threat to your health. They only constitute a threat to your health when you use them with excess table salt. Always minimize the amount of salt used when cooking with Maggi cos Maggi cubes themselves contains salt.

Thank you so much for enlightening us.

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People tend to pass a wrong information, but reading or making research keeps u informed. Moderation is always the key. Like Like.

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Ces bouillons cubes sont toxiques pour votre santé !

Name required.Maggi stock cubes—rich with sodium, MSG, and hydrogenated fats—are ubiquitous in West African cooking. Groundnut soup, Sierra Leone. On the shopping list was everything from groundnuts peanuts and pineapple to bread and eggs, and Maggi. But a large pack was purchased for the week, and at the market, it was clearly a popular item. It quickly became evident that most restaurants we visited in Sierra Leone used Maggi or its Chinese cousin, Dag Bah, made by Qiangwang Group in their food.

On remote Tiwai Island, where the sole cook often had to obtain ingredients from villages off-island, the seasoning was present in every dish. Construction workers who set up a makeshift lunch camp deep in the hills near Kenema put Maggi in the plasa they cooked. In Senegal, too, women selling our favorite dishes outside markets in Dakar cited Maggi as an ingredient.

bouillon maggi danger

It seemed that, like groundnuts, black-eyed beans, okra, palm oil, rice, and millet, Maggi cubes are just another key component of West African cooking. Making lunch in Sierra Leone.

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Maggi cubes are high in not only sodium—similar products average about 1,mg per cube or half cube—but also hydrogenated oils and monosodium glutamate, or MSG.

Excessive sodium, of course, is linked to high blood pressurewhich can lead to heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and kidney disease. When I realized I was eating this stuff at every meal in West Africa, I immediately heard those bad-for-your-health bells going off, but then another question sprung to mind: How on earth did people here prepare their traditional dishes before Maggi came along? I did not find my answer in Africa. Apparently, sounbareh acts as a thickener, flavoring agent, and meat substitute, and boasts a much higher nutritional value than stock cubes.

According to a report from Slow Food and the U. Another is that in the marketplace, sounbareh now competes with Maggi. Several factors negatively affect the availability and consumption of the locust beans: indiscriminate harvesting and burning of the trees, increasing demand for the product from all ethnic groups and pressure from local fauna on the plant—monkeys and squirrels compete with the human population to eat the fruit, especially before they dry out…It is an essential product to local Sierra Leonean gastronomy, and is under pressure from various sources.

Some of this pressure is contradictory as on the one hand the demand for the product is high among rural populations, but the availability of the plant is in decline, while on the other the urban or semi-urban populations tend to replace it with Maggi cubes.

The processing of the seasoning is part of the Mandingo culture and its spread among other ethnic groups is a factor in social cohesion. The product, particularly when compared with the ubiquitous industrial stock cubes, has a significant nutritional content. A restaurant in Popenguine, Senegal. When Scott and I alerted the then volunteer manager of the Sierra Leone eco-resort to the inclusion of MSG in every meal, he was alarmed and asked to brainstorm substitutes.

In Freetown, we met one chef, at a wonderful restaurant called Balmaya, who told us she preferred to use regular old salt and pepper instead of Maggi, which she suspected to be unhealthy.According to Negro News"Jumbo, Maggi, Adja and other stock cubes are a must in most African cuisines, but they are nevertheless harmful to health.

If this information is not new to some, it remains difficult for many to admit These famous seasonings have the danger of causing diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure because of their high salt content, to which must be added the fact that these additives give the illusion of taste and make people dependent on it to the point of not being able to cook without them even when its dangers are well known.

Eating well is good, but eating healthy is better. Dear friends, for several years we have constantly warned you against the kinds of poisons you consume with appetite every day.

Among these poisons there are the flavour enhancers in general, that is to say all those products you use supposedly to season your dishes and give them a more pleasant taste. Stock cubes, flavourings, and other flavour enhancers, regardless of their namesare extremely dangerous poisons to be avoided by all those who value their lives and health.

These poisons are as dangerous as cigarettes, to say the least.

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You, who have fled from cigarette-smoking for its dangerousness and who consume stock cubes called Maggi and other such filths, have understood nothing. In reality, there is no difference between these products, in terms of harmfulness. This, of course, is a flagrant cheating. Unfortunately they do not do it, and they will never do so.

Now that it is clear that you cannot rely on your rulers to protect you, because they are corrupt to the marrow, it is up to you to watch over your health. And if you are not ready to overcome covetousness, if you prefer "sweetened" poisons or poisons with "exquisite" taste, be prepared to pay the price, be prepared to bear the consequences.

Good reading! Sexual weakness in men, Vaginal bleeding, Uro-genital disorders, Cardiac disorders, Hypotension or Hypertension, Gastritis, Behaviour disorders in children, Prostate swelling, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, hemorrhoids, obesity, various disorders of vision, fall of general immunityetc These are the risks highlighted by a national workshop on the dangers associated with the consumption of flavourings and other flavour enhancers stock cubes Maggi, Ajinomoto, etc.

While the participants welcomed the initiative of the meeting, they are quickly disappointed. The report they produced will never be made public. The pressure exerted by the food industries used all its weight. The complicity of the State as well The workshop was held at the end of at the CICB.

It brought together all the specialised departments, headquarters and structures Ministries of Health, Livestock, food safety agencies, health laboratories, veterinarians, researchers and academics The agenda had to do with the dangers of food additives, i.

For three days, the participants each delivered results of their research and gave very heartbreaking testimonies on the subject. It is clear from the synthesis of the report which has been communicated to us Also called "flavour enhancer"it is a white powder with the appearance of sugar and having the peculiarity of enhancing the taste of the ingredients to which it is mixed. Today, it is one of the most contested products same as nicotine. What really is Monosodium glutamate?

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